Two Week Acuvue 750 ฿

2 Week Disposable
6 PCS./ 1 Pack

※If you would like to order both Short-sightedness and Astigmatism in same order.
① Please choose「Yes」 in「Do you have equal eyesight for both left and right eyes?」
② Choose the lens power, base curve and quatity. Then select 「Purchase」
③ On the next page, please select 「Continue shopping」then proceed with your order.

Base curve 8.3: from -0.50D to -12.00
Diameter: 14 mm.

Base curve 8.7: from +8.00D to -12.00
Diameter: 14 mm.

*For the customer who would like to order in bulk. Please kindly place your order directly via our LINE platform.

*Once confirmed the payment, we will contact you back about the delivery date.

(If the payment is processed on regular holiday,Tuesday. There may be a delay in our response.)

Please select the specifications for contact lenses.

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